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Here’s the secret to

Rice Like You've Never Had Before…
VitaClay®The Smart Top Rated* Rice Cooker

  • The magic is in the Clay pot!
  • The answer is in the slow cooking!
  • The beauty is it’s computerized electronic cooking!

Whether you’re a vegan or not, organic VitaClay® Rice Cooker Chef delivers the flavors you’ve always yearned for in a rice cooker. It's easy to use and works well with hundreds of taste-tempting rice recipes…and it’s healthy! The secret is in the centuries old slow-cooking organic clay pot, combined with the perfectly computerized balance of temperature, fused to bring out the textures and flavors that will please the health-conscious first-timer or pro.

Teflon-free, the slow cooker is just right for vegetarian, vegan and healthy cooking and living.


Natural Zishaä clay, the legendary secret behind the VitaClay® Chef, was formed over thousands of years by cleansing rainfalls that scrubbed the mountains in southern China, releasing minerals into the lakes and forming huge beds of Zishaä, known as the "pride of China".  Zishaä is the natural organic material that comprises the VitaClayä pot.